Ed Aboufadel for Forest Hills School Board (2022)

 Promoting excellent, welcoming schools, offering creative and evidence-based leadership, to help our kids to thrive and our democracy to prosper.

Post-Election Note

The outcome of the election was not what my campaign wanted, although the vote was very close.  With each of three candidates receiving around 1/3 of the vote, it was certainly a dramatic end to the campaign season.  

I have called Mary Vonck to congratulate her.  Mary has given extensive service to the district for many years, and she will continue to be a tireless advocate for excellent and welcoming schools.  She is looking forward to working with the Board, which will include two new members:  Malorie Ninemeier and Holly DeBoer.  Congratulations to both, as well as C.J. Michaud.  I believe the district will be in good hands going forward.

I will treasure my memories of this campaign, from learning about interesting aspects of the district, listening to voters, making new friends, and experiencing a campaign season as a candidate.  I want to thank my supporters for all that you did for me, whether it was telling others about my campaign, putting out a yard sign, making a donation, or giving me moral support.  And special thanks to my wife Kathy and my treasurer Tai.  Special thank you to Support FHPS!

Ed Aboufadel for Forest Hills School Board -- 440 Diamond Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503